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Honorable and effective service to the membership is the highest objective which any labor organization can seek. The Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Union Local 3-G will be ever faithful and devoted to this aspiration and trust will always follow a progressive and constructive course to the end that our members and our industry will prosper.

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Michigan Kellogg’s Locals Help Supply Food Banks, Aid Flood Victims.

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The coronavirus is everywhere in America, and so is hunger. Food banks all across America are struggling to meet surging demand from those hit hard by mass layoffs caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

In Michigan, the demand for food assistance is rising at an extraordinary rate, just as the state’s food banks are being struck by shortages.

To help combat the growing problem within their region, BCTGM Local Unions representing Kellogg’s workers in Michigan led an effort to provide union-made products to the food pantries in the hardest hit areas.

At the Grand Rapids Kellogg’s plant where Local 70 members produce all varieties of Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts, Local 70 Financial Secretary/Business Agent Orin Holder led the effort to provide union-made products to the Greater Lansing Food Bank. According to Holder, union workers packed up 30 skids of Pop-Tarts for the Michigan State AFL-CIO to deliver to Lansing. The Greater Lansing Food Bank provides food to more than 140 food pantries and agencies in the eastern Michigan region.

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On May 20 in central Michigan, heavy rain caused two dams to fail, triggering historic flooding that ravaged homes and displaced more than 10,000 residents. The flooding disaster and the evacuation were compounded by the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused mass unemployment in the state.

Working with the Michigan State AFL-CIO, Local 3G (Battle Creek) identified Midland County where the flooding left most residents homeless. According to Local 3G President Trevor Bidelman, 2,800 cases of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Crunch and Kellogg’s Mini-Wheats were loaded at the Battle Creek cereal plant and transported to food banks in Midland and Gladwin, Mich. to help flood victims.


Made in America

The BCTGM is proud to present the full six-minute cut of our short form documentary, “Made in America,” detailing the plight of our members at the iconic Nabisco/Mondelēz bakery in Chicago. This public television segment, produced by Front Page, will air to over 50 million TV homes across the country for one full year and I want to be sure our members, their families and all of our supporters are the first to see it!


Click here to watch and SHARE the final cut of “Made in America,” narrated by James Earl Jones.

On March 23rd of this year, The Nabisco 600 marked the solemn first anniversary of the first round of layoffs from their Chicago bakery with a Digital Day of Action. The entire labor movement, along with advocacy groups, college students, global supporters and online activists like you, shattered BCTGM records that day when you helped us share the one-minute video promotion for this documentary over 4 million times on social media.

Help us complete that narrative. Click here to watch and SHARE the completed video project with James Earl Jones.

The broad coalition of support for our campaign continues to grow in size and strength. Each day, more American consumers are joining our boycott and challenging Nabisco/Mondelēz’ destructive corporate business model where it matters the most – at the cash register – by refusing to purchase Nabisco products made in Mexico.
By saying NO to Nabisco products made in Mexico, consumers are saying NO to sending good, middle-class jobs to Mexico; saying NO to business practices that devastate families and communities; saying NO to Nabisco/Mondelēz’ exploitation of workers across borders and oceans.

Please help us continue to spread this message. Click here to watch “Made in America” with James Earl Jones, and be sure to SHARE it with your networks.

In Solidarity,
David B. Durkee, BCTGM International President

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Solidarity Alert

The BCTGM has launched a public education campaign encouraging Americans to "Check the Label" to support American jobs by ensuring their favorite Nabisco products are produced in America before purchasing.

Our members working at Nabisco plants throughout the U.S. take great pride in producing the iconic products that have been a part of millions of Americans' lives for more than 50 years.Nearly 4,000 BCTGM members have dedicated decades to fuel the financial success of Mondelēz International and the global appeal of its products including Oreo, Chips Ahoy, Ritz and Premium crackers. But that work has been rewarded with the displacement of hundreds of jobs to the company’s plants in Monterrey and Salinas, Mexico, where low wages and minimal regulatory standards and oversight persist.

Through a simple label check, together we can send a powerful message in support of American jobs and products by rejecting those made at poverty-level wages and in unregulated work conditions.

Support American Nabisco workers in several ways:
Check the Label:
There are two ways to know if your Nabisco snacks are made in the U.S. or Mexico.
Check for the words "Made in Mexico" under the ingredient list.
Check the plant identification code, which is part of the expiration date code: do not buy if the initials "MM" or "MS" are listed. The initials AE, AH, AP, AX, AZ and XL all indicate American-made products.

Tell your grocery or convenience store manager to only stock American-made Nabisco products.

Download the flyer here!

Send a clear message to companies like this that we will not accept the outsourcing of good American jobs and the American middle class. Do not buy the snacks being produced by Nabisco/Mondelēz in Mexico. Check the label, and ONLY BUY AMERICAN-MADE.

Also, please take a moment to watch this video, "The Nabisco 600" and share it with everyone you know.

Then, visit www.fightforamericanjobs.org to learn more.
Join us in the fight to protect American jobs!
In solidarity, David B. Durkee 

The Local 3G Reporter

News Letter

The Local 3G Reporter is our local newsletter that we publish to help keep our members informed of plant, local, and national news.

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Helping Hands

As members of BCTGM Local 3G, we believe that sharing with others in need is an important part of our labor tradition. We have a responsibility to volunteer in our communities—from charitable giving to helping families in economic or personal crises.

Local 3G is currently asking our membership for donations to help with the water crisis in Flint Mi. We will be collecting water up until this Friday January 29th.

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