Local 3G Executive Board

Trevor Bidelman

Business Agent / President
Mechanical Tech. 3rd Shift

John Mitchell

Vice President
Processing. 1st Shift

Sandy Selby

Recording Secretary
Warehouse. 1st Shift

Bryon Leche

Financial Secretary
Electrical Tech. 3rd Shift

John Hogan

Steward Processing
Processing. 2nd Shift

Mike Vantrease

Steward Packing 'B'
Packing. 1st Shift.

Marty Wolf

Warehouse Steward
Warehouse. 1st Shift.

Tony Jones

Mechanical Steward
Mechanical  Tech. 1st Shift

Appointment Pending

Next election
Two Year Term

Damion Kreger

Three Year Term
Processing. 1st Shift

Donivan Williams

Sr. Trustee
One Year Term
Processing. 1st Shift

Kathy Miller

Office Manager/Secretary

Jason Loveland

Knappen Steward

Union Hall

1006 N. Raymond Road
Battle Creek, MI. 49014
Monday-Friday 8:00 - 4:00

Call: 269-965-3297Contact Local 3G

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