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By now you have received your letter in the mail from Bob and George. I have been told by some of you that you tossed it or shredded it before you read it. That is totally understandable, but in a nutshell, it states that now that the contract has been ratified, we collectively need to move forward to ensure the sustainability and success of the plant and to continue to make quality product. It finishes off with an invitation to an upcoming town hall meeting with the plant manager at a date to be announced. This is where I need your help

For the past few years I have been pleading with plant management to help us help them. From firing casuals for simple mistakes resulting in "no call, no shows", to employees that are hurt at work that are treated like second class citizens when they need to miss time. I have asked to address the excusal policy so that more people can get some time off, with no success what so ever. I have repeatedly asked to address some guidelines for forced overtime, so that the unnecessary overtime could be avoided. We have been forced to arbitrate some black and white contractual issues that have always been followed in the past. We have been repeatedly mislead at monthly labor relations meetings about when hiring would occur, even to the point that our HR manager stated that those meetings are merely open discussions with a business update and have no binding agreements what so ever. That is another example of straying from decades of working together with plant management in that forum. We have supervisors that have gotten away with making derogatory remarks to employees, and even when escalated, they are ignored.

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